Eytan Daniyelzade
CEO & Co-Founder
3 minutes
March 27, 2020

Merchandise Financial Planning Template

Here at Toolio, we are firm believers that merchandise financial planning is best managed by an automated, integrated and collaborative planning software like, well Toolio. However, an early stage planning team of 1 or 2 might want to stick to using a spreadsheet to manage their plans. In such cases, planners often take an Excel template they have used in their previous company and adopt that to meet their current needs. Alternatively, they recreate a template from printouts that they have accumulated over time.

To help standardize merchandise financial planning and Open to Buy (OTB) management, and also save countless planners the agony of creating it yet again, we are sharing what we believe is the best in class merchandise financial planning spreadsheet template. You can either access it here on Google Sheets or download it here on Excel.

Using Toolio’s merchandise financial planning template will help you:

  • Create a merchandise financial plan, starting with the financial targets you want to hit, i.e. net sales dollarsgross margin percentage and weeks of supply targets for your cash flow plans.
  • Review and share the upcoming year's plan before finalizing.
  • Have a receipt plan to meet desired inventory levels.
  • Measure actual performance against last year and current year forecasts.
  • Decide on how to tweak marketing, markdown and inventory purchase adjustments, based on current performance.
  • Maintain a centralized source of truth for your plans and actuals.

To generate your merchandise financial plan and monthly receipt plan, what you need is:

  • Last year’s financial numbers, such as Sales Dollars and Sales Units
  • This year’s financial targets
  • Monthly actuals, which would be coming from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) like Netsuite or Bluecherry, accounting system like Xero or Quickbooks, or your e-commerce system like Shopify or Demandware

We are hoping this template will help you create a more accurate merchandise financial plan more effectively. If you have suggestions on these templates and/or want to learn more about how to improve your merchandise planning, reach out to us at hello@toolio.com