Toolio Product Updates: April 12, 2021

July 5, 2022

What's New

Assortment Plan Grand Totals

The Assortment Plan module in Toolio now enables you to  reference Grand Total values. Located at the bottom of your assortment, this function can help streamline your assortment building process as the Grand Total row calculates all exposed metrics with respect to any configured filters.

Please read more about building your Assortment Plan in Toolio here.

View and Create Assortment Plan Attributes in Settings

Users are now able to not only view, but also create Assortment Plan Item attributes directly in the Toolio Settings menu. To view all of your Assortment Plan Item attributes, please navigate to Settings>Attributes.

By simply selecting the Add Attribute button and specifying the model as Assortment Plan Item, you can also create a new attribute applied specifically to your Assortment Plan module

Please read more about adding and configuring custom attributes here.

Percent Total Variant on Item Plan

Toolio now allows you to easily display Percent to Total values for any metric in the Item Plan module. This can help streamline your size level item planning, allowing you to allocate specific percentages of your color level totals to each size. 

You can read more about configuring views in the Item Plan module here.

Checkboxes and Multi-Select in Assortment Planning

The hindsight view in Toolio allows you to easily reference historic assortment level data. You are now able to select multiple items to Carry Forward or add as a New Like for Like Choice. Simply check multiple boxes to enable this feature. This function can increase your assortment building efficiency by allowing bulk selection and action of historic items.

Please read more about the Carry Forward and Like for Like functions in Toolio here.

Set and See Output Metrics in Item Planning

In Merchandise Planning you have the ability to set an output metric and save that into a View. You now have this same capability in Item Planning. This is valuable since the output metrics may be different between Merchandise Planning and Item Planning. 

Jay Tian
Product & Data
Kristen Henry
Head of Customer Success