Toolio Product Updates: March 11, 2022

September 15, 2022

What's New

Multi-Dimensional Spreads View in Assortment Plan

Within the Assortment Plan Module, you can now view spreads across multiple dimensions. This new feature allows you to compare your spread across both channels and sizes at the same time.  Simply right-click on the product, choose manage spreads, and update your data accordingly! You can manage and update your spreads as well as their potential values within the settings page. You can find more information on managing spreads here.

Importing existing item plans into the Item Planning Module 

Have item plans still living in excel? Great news! These plans can now be imported into Toolio’s Item Planning Module by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen. To import, start by choosing “Import Item Plan”, select the mapper you would like to use, and select the file containing your item plans. Once the import is complete, Toolio will read your imported plan. Feel free to reach out to your CS team for an import template. You can find more information on important and Item Plan here.

Next 39 weeks now available as a relative time frame 

Have you ever wanted to plan over the next 39 weeks or review the last 39 weeks of your business? Now you can! 39 weeks is now available as a relative time frame using the drop-down menu within Toolio. 

Assortment Plan Like for Like Forecasting 

This feature will allow you to create new lines using the Average Weekly Sales of a similar past item. You can utilize the APW or Average Per Week of last year’s product to create and plan for the new updated style. 

To utilize the Like for Like function you must enter the Hindsight view in the Assortment Plan. To do this, enter into your assortment plan and click the compare button and choose the appropriate time frame. 

Here you have the option to bring forward a Like for Like style. Right-click the item you want, click functions and choose Like for Like. This will bring forward the historical APW, planned weeks, and launch date into your current plan, but will not bring in the style number. You can find more information on planning APW here.

Grouping Metrics in Item Planning 

Within the Item Plan you now have the ability to group items by metric. This will allow you to analyze the performance of your products specifically to one metric, sales units for example. Enter the Item Plan and click the Group button. Click the three lines and drag “Metric” above the other groups. Once updated you will see the metric followed by the other groups you have chosen. 

New Merchandising Plan Interface 

We have updated the Merchandising Plan interface which you can learn more about here. This new interface will allow for more usability and analysis. You can adjust your Group By settings to adjust metrics to read as columns rather than rows!

Caitlin Dubay
Implementation Specialist
Trey Kamb
Implementation Specialist