Toolio Product Updates: March 18, 2022

September 15, 2022

What's New

Enable Email Notifications for Failed Imports

No more checking your imports page to see if an import failed! You can now enable email notifications for failed imports within the settings page. Once enabled, the added users will receive email notifications when a file fails at the import stage.

To enable, first go to settings within the settings page. Then choose notifications, enable email notifications and add the email address of the users you would like to receive notifications. 

Removing a Conditional Formatting Rule at the Time of Creation

With our latest update, you no longer need to go through the extra step of closing the conditional formatting pop-up and re-entering the page to remove a rule. Now you can utilize the “x” button which will take you back to the previous page where you can choose type, metric, variant, and attribute as shown below.

Trey Kamb
Implementation Specialist
Caitlin Dubay
Implementation Specialist