Merchandising platform for modern retailers

Streamline your merchandise planning and buying process. Track open-to-buy, build assortments and manage supplier relationships effectively in an integrated platform.

Toolio is a suite of connected applications built for modern merchandising organizations


Automatic monitoring, reporting, and data entry


Shared workflows, activity feed, and contextual commenting


Linked activities, supplier integration, and centralized data


Modern, mobile first, offline capable, visual interface


Meet the next generation merchandising platform

Central Dashboard

Get an overview of what’s most important to your merchandising team.

View real time notifications on important events (e.g. budget opening after a buying meeting, deliveries running behind or purchase order cancellations)​.
Quickly view upcoming meetings with relevant context.
See activity from other members of your team to increase transparency.​
Get automatic reminders on important tasks to complete​.

Budget (OTB) Tracker

Real-time budget tracking with simple roll-up and filtering​.

Generate roll-ups to see progress by segment against your merchandise plan.​
View breakdowns of each segment with budget allocations for seasonal and replenishment buys​.
Synced with your ERP to show the impact of your replenishment buys and PO amendments on your OTB​.
Easily view important context for each segment such as: SKU count, scheduled meetings, and buyer names​.


Intuitive and easily accessible hindsighting information​.

Access key performance metrics, such as gross margin and sell-through in the platform where you are making planning decisions.
Rollup SKU level data to see aggregate metrics at any group level such as sub-category, color or size.
See product image and link to online item page next to performance metrics to have the relevant context.
Generate year on year trends at SKU level or aggregate level​.

Assortment Planner

Visual and data-driven assortment planning.

Easily accessible historical sales data to give the relevant context during assortment planning.
Super simple product creation by importing brands’ line-sheets
Real-time analysis (e.g. estimated margin, category and color composition) of the​ proposed assortment.
Collaboration and approval workflow that integrates with existing communication tools​.

Supplier Relationship Management

Collaborative supplier management that centralizes key account information.

Aggregate all supplier information in a single place including contracts, past meetings, buys, and performance.
Create supplier scorecards to understand how a supplier performs versus key targets in key areas, such as payment terms, marketing and logistics.
Track supplier’s progress across key areas over time.
Control your a supplier’s distribution across your stores in a single place.

Our Beta Partners

Toolio is currently available only to select retailers that are in our private beta program. If you want to leapfrog your competitors and join this program, please contact us.