Assortment Planning Software

Develop home run products you’re missing with data-driven insights and visual line sheets with our easy-to-use assortment planning solution.

Streamline your process from planning to production

Streamline your process from planning to production

Establish budgets, develop assortments, collaborate with your design team, and place purchase orders all in one system.

Combine the art and science

Analyze performance data, add product images to your line sheets, and slice and dice assortments to study your product mix visually and numerically.

Build new assortments based on historical trends

Build new assortments based on historical trends

Use hindsighting and attribute analysis to develop new products and assortment based on past successes.


Understand how key attributes performed to identify and develop the home-run products you're missing.

Like-for-like Products

Create placeholder products based on past winners by simply dragging and dropping. Generate forecasts based on like-for-likes.

Visual Line Sheets

Add product images or CAD drawings into your line-sheet to build more visual assortment plans.

Conceptual Line Planning

Carry over your core products, and create placeholders for seasonal items.

Allocation and Store Clustering

Allocate products to clusters of stores or individual locations.

Automated Size Curves

Automatically generate item or class level size-curves by store to better match demand and avoid out-of-stocks.

Product Mix Analysis

Visualize product mix by any attribute, whether it be color, category, store or supplier. Compare mix to previous seasons' plans and performance.

Merchandise Plan Integration

See how your assortment plan rolls-up to your merchandise financial plan and easily reconcile the two.

Purchase Order Generation

Save time and avoid costly errors by creating purchase orders directly from Toolio.


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Start saving time, increasing productivity and growing your business through better merchandise planning.

Toolio enables retailers to streamline their merchandising operations and make faster, data-driven decisions.

Discover how implementing merchandise planning into your retail strategy can increase efficiency and take your planning strategy to the next level.
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