Assortment Planner

Develop new product assortments with data-driven insights and visual presentation


Understand how key attributes (or their combinations) performed over time.
Conceptual Line Plan
Carry over your core products and create placeholders for key seasonal items.
Supplier Line Sheet Integration
Upload supplier line sheets to visualize product offer information and streamline data entry.
Allocation & Store Clustering
Allocate products to clusters of stores or individual locations.
Assortment Roll Ups
Understand how your plan compares to LY or budget, and analyze your product composition.
Automated Size Curves
Automatically generate item or class level size-curves by store to better match demand and avoid out of stocks.
Assortment Visualization by Channel and Over Time
Visualize what your floorset is going to be by store at different points in time.
PO Generation
Save time and avoid costly errors by raising purchase orders directly from Toolio.

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Toolio is a cloud based platform that enables retailers to streamline their merchandising operations and make effective, data driven decisions.
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