Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toolio?

Toolio is a next-generation merchandising platform to help retailers achieve increased topline, gross margin, inventory utilization and customer satisfaction. Toolio’s merchandise financial planning and assortment planning modules streamline critical operations, centralize information and facilitate data driven decisions. We make your merchandising better.

What does Toolio solve?

Merchandising is a complex activity. It requires understanding past performance, setting present strategy and creating the right future assortment to meet your goals. Predicting the future is hard enough, but planners and merchants also have to contend with disconnected systems, manual activities and lack of visibility to real-time analytics. Toolio is here to help by centralizing the data and streamlining the activities, so that merchants can get back to reading the tea leaves.

Do I need to use both Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) and Assortment Planning (AP)?

No. You can use either module separately. However, when used and linked together as a platform the overall benefits are magnified.

Can Toolio be customized?

Of course! Toolio is built on a super flexible architecture, whch allows defining custom attributes and hierarchies, user-defined financial metrics and dashboards for the KPIs that matter for your business. That said, we also offer what we believe to be best practice templates, so that you don’t have to customize everything from scratch.Toolio comes with pre-built set of attributes You can define custom hierarchies and attributes on your data, build  and custom dashboards for KPIs that ma , All retailers are different, so we allow for custom field / attribute flexibility and multiple integrations

How is Toolio accessed?

Toolio is a cloud based, platform so you can access itthe system from anywhere in the world your workbusiness travel takes you.  And you can access any way you need - via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

How long does it take to set-up Toolio?

Onboarding with Toolio is much quicker than implementing traditional or legacy solutions. We have an entire client success team ready to help guide you through the process. Most clients are up and running in a couple of weeks.

What integrations does Toolio support?

We integrate with most e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Demandware), ERPs (e.g. NetSuite, SAP) and BI Systems (Looker, Tableau). If you don't see an integration you're interested in, let us know and we'll find a way to make Toolio work for you.

What client IT resources does Toolio need during implementation?

Little to none! We integrate with most commerce platforms and will do most of the integration heavy lifting.