Merchandise Planning for RLM

Toolio integrates with RLM to automatically pull in all your retail data and automate merchandising workflows.


Do more with your ERP

Gain better visibility into performance by centralizing plans and real-time data in a single platform.
Save time and avoid costly errors by automating the purchase order generation process in Toolio.
Create and synchronize item level demand forecasts in RLM.

Integrated Merchandising Planning Tools & ERP for the next generation of retailers

Toolio and NetSuite help the fastest growing brands and retailers manage and execute on the end-to-end merchandise planning and business management processes. Combining these powerful tools creates the ultimate retail merchandise planning software. Leverage all of the critical business information that lives in NetSuite to build effective top-down and bottom-up merchandise financial, assortment, and item-level demand plans in Toolio. Push demand plans back into NetSuite for execution to help automate the purchase order generation and replenishment processes. Our retail assortment planning solutions are unmatched in features and powerful support.

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Toolio unifies and streamlines the end-to-end planning and merchandising process so you can make faster, data-driven decisions. 

Open-to-Buy Management

Item Level Demand Planning

Replenishment Management

Purchase Order Generation

NetSuite unifies and automates back office operations,  providing
a single source of truth for financials, inventory, orders and customers.

Inventory Management

Order Management

Purchasing & Procurement

Financial Management

Warehouse Management

Centralized Business Data

Automated Retail Reports for RLM

Toolio is a software layer that sits on top of your ERP, giving you a single source of truth and made-for-retail reports, centralized all key information such as sales, inventory, receipts and transfers.

Open to Buy for RLM

Generate receipt plans to meet your sales and inventory targets and gain visibility to chase opportunities as they arise.

Assortment Planning for RLM

Visual assortment planning to to develop new products leveraging data-driven insights and visual line sheets. One-click integration into ERP to create new items and purchase orders.

Forecasting & Replenishment for RLM

Automate forecasting & replenishment to prevent unexpected stock-outs and reduce cash tied up in inventory. One-click integration into ERP to create new items and purchase orders.

Automated Store Allocation for RLM

Forecast store level demand and allocate inventory to prevent out-of-stocks and maintain presentation constraints. One-click integration into ERP to create transfer orders.