Merchandise Financial Planning & Open-to-Buy (OTB)

View, understand and manage your merchandise financial plan in one system

Centralized auto-actualizing data
View your single source of truth (always up to date) in the way that you want.
Automated roll-ups and insights
Highlight what is driving the business and roll-up your OTB by category, class or store cluster.
Scenario playing
Create versions of your plan to model opportunities and update the master after the strategy is set.


Centralized Data
Have a single source of truth for all your merchandise planning.
Custom Metrics and Attributes
Use any and all you want.  Use retail, cost or units. Look at budget allocations around attributes such as core, fashion or continuity.
Personalized Layouts
See your data how you want. See your most important KPIs first.
See what numbers are actually moving the needle.
Scenario Playing
Understand how any potential development will affect the plan.
Version Controlled Edits
Track your changes with version control and capture the context behind decisions.
Multi-Dimensional Aggregation
Single source of truth for all your merchandise planning.
Auto Actualization
Sync plans with ERP or BI platforms to automate actualization.  Save time and avoid costly errors.

Locking and Spreading
Streamline top-down, bottom-up, or middle out planning by lock and spread capability.

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