Integrated Assortment Planning Overview

Join our VP of Product, Peter Leith to see our new Integrated Assortment Planning module. During this session Peter will cover:

  • Intelligent hindsighting to understand what attributes to grow / hold / decline
  • Assortment rationalization to generate depth & width recommendations to prevent SKU proliferation and over-assortment.
  • Automating forecasting and re-trending to streamline creating projections, while maintaining ability for overrides, to improve forecasting accuracy.
  • PLM Integration to run your adoption process by pulling developed styles from your PLM and easily assigning them to placeholders.
  • Automating supply planning to maintain optimal stock levels to maintain safety stock targets and presentation requirements.
  • Reconciliation to Merchandise Plans for true top down, bottom up planning.

The format will be part presentation and part demonstration with plenty of time throughout and after for questions. Join us to the see the future of buying the right products for the right channels at the right time!

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