Planning for 2024

Duration: 30 minutes

As we head deep into the holiday season, join us for a webinar on how to evaluate your in-season opportunities and build you merchandise plans for the new year to validate your financial targets. We will highlight the strategic concepts that will help you plan your business accounting for current industry trends and show you how easy it is to plan and report on key metrics using Toolio.

While Toolio will be the core focus, there will be many generalizable nuggets on how to plan your business, current industry trends and report on key metrics.

Some of the key concepts that we will cover are:

1. Top Line In-season forecasting across multiple plan years

2. Receipt and inventory planning using placed on order

3. Seeding 2024 plans with current forecast 

4. Adjusting 2024 sales and receipt plans to achieve channel or department specific strategies

5. Accurate inventory projects utilizing planned 2023 EOP

Our 30-minute presentation will provide valuable insights, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

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