December 1, 2022

Toolio Product Updates: December 1, 2022

toolio product updates 12/1/2022


Jay Tian
Product & Data
Begum Burgutoglu
Sr. Product Manager

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Filtering for Invalid Cells in Master Data

Ever wanted to quickly check for mislabeled or misspelled values in your product master? Toolio now allows you to easily catch and address these invalid values by directly filtering for them in your Master Data.

By simply selecting the single-select attribute you’d like to review and filtering for rows where it is invalid, Toolio will flag any values that do not align with your configured option values for your review.

Please read more about managing your options here.

Custom Fields for NetSuite Item & PO Creation

Toolio allows you to create new Inventory Items and Purchase Orders natively in Toolio which can then pushed seamlessly into your NetSuite instance.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and now allow for custom fields to be defined for both NetSuite Inventory Item and PO creation via Toolio’s export mappers.

Just like how Toolio is able to utilize import mappers to translate and transform incoming data, Toolio now uses your inventory_item and purchase_order export mappers to define and customize outgoing data sent to NetSuite.

Please read more about NetSuite Inventory Item & Purchase Order creation from Assortment Plan here and reach out to your Customer Success team if you have any questions!

Updated Views for Master Data Models

You’ll now find updated out of the box views in your Sales and Inventory Master Data models so that you can easily see your underlying sales and inventory data by location. You are also able to expand the data to toggle between location level aggregates and line level details.

Please read more about managing imported data within Toolio here.

Command Bar for Quick Search

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Command Bar for Quick Search! Using CMD+K shortcut you can now navigate more quickly to the views and settings that you are interested in. In addition, you can search and access to all help articles without leaving Toolio! Hope you enjoy using this feature as much as we do!

Please read more about Command Bar for Quick Search here.

Copy Excel/Spreadsheet cells into filter options

You can now copy-paste a list of filter conditions defined in Excel or Google Sheets cells to Toolio "has any of" or "has none of" filter options. Just copy your list and paste into the filter option field, you will see that your list is copied as separate conditions on the filter.

You can find more information on the help article here.

Hide/Unhide Columns

Did you ever want to customize columns by hiding some columns? You can do so by clicking on the three dots then click on the three column icon, you’ll see that columns are listed with a checkbox as in the below screenshot. By clicking on the checkbox you can hide/unhide the columns and customize your view.

Expanding/Collapsing Groupings

You can now expand and collapse groupings by clicking on the three dots and you’ll see on the options that there is Expand All and Collapse All options.

Expanding is now available for scheduled reports by default, all groupings will expanded automatically when creating a PDF report.

Feature Requests & Toolio's Roadmap

Be sure to check out our Roadmap for other planned features and updates to Toolio. Is there a feature you think would be a great addition? Let us know here!

Partner Spotlight

This month we are welcoming ChannelApe to our partner program with open arms! Through our integration we power brands like Rothy’s, Chubbies and Cuts Clothing. ChannelApe helps brands improve NPS and customer LTV while reducing costs by creating visibility through best-in-class operational services and technology. They work with high-SKU eCommerce fashion brands to improve inventory and order management, monitor daily operations, resolve issues before they affect their customers, and report on all of it. If you’d like to learn more about ChannelApe let your CSM know.

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