October 18, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: Oct 18, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: Oct 18, 2021


Angela Qiu
Onboarding & Implementation Specialist

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Item Plan Scenario Merging

Previously in Item Plan, you were able to push a scenario to the Master scenario. With our new update, you can now merge any scenario to any other scenario. To merge scenarios, click on the blue Master button on the top right corner of your screen, select Merge to Scenario, and then select the scenario you want to merge it to. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the Source Scenario, Target Scenario, Time Frame, and Filters. Time Frame and Filters will auto-populate based on the selected time frame on your Item Plan screen. Once everything looks good, click merge.


Ability to Access Master Data on Main Navigation Menu

We moved the Models section under Data & Imports to the main navigation menu on the top of your screen and renamed it “Master Data”. You can now easily navigate to your raw models data by clicking on the Master Data menu and selecting the model you wish to view. 

Feature Requests & Toolio's Roadmap

Be sure to check out our Roadmap for other planned features and updates to Toolio. Is there a feature you think would be a great addition? Let us know here!

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