March 2, 2022

Welcoming Our VP of Engineering

Welcoming Our VP of Engineering - Mustafa Demir


Mustafa Demir
VP of Engineering

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I never thought I would stay at an organization for 11 years. Yet, when you can improve yourself, when there are opportunities to experience different areas, you don’t realize that 11 years have already passed. I am so glad to have witnessed Udemy scale from 1 to 1500 employees while trying to change the education world. 

When I joined Udemy, my motivation was to break my comfort zone by building a new culture and startup which will improve lives through learning. I worked every part of it: engineering, HR, finance, legal, workplace, etc. It was a great experience. We built the culture step by step, scaling the Turkey entity from 1 to 130, one by one. I met and interviewed thousands of people. At each scale, I worked on processes to make the team more productive and happy. Thank you to my Udemates who worked alongside me to make this happen.  

While thinking about the next chapter in my life, I started researching startups and also talked with some of my friends who are entrepreneurs or investors. After having the taste of a startup company, I was 100% sure that either I wanted to join an early startup or co-found my own startup. During that time, I met 2 humble and smart co-founders who graduated from Stanford and already made an exit for their previous startup. After having hours of conversation, feeling the culture of the company and the mission, I realized that this is the place where I want to be!

I decided to again break my comfort zone by working in a different business in a different domain with a different product.

After improving lives through learning, now it is time to improve merchandise planning through Toolio!! I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the Toolio family as VP of Engineering (Head of Engineering). I look forward to sharing the experiences I learned at Udemy with their incredibly intelligent engineering organization, which is spread all around the world! I could not believe what this humble team achieved within 2 years. They have just closed series A funding.

Adding to this exciting news, we are growing and I’m looking to add to my team!! 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be one of the founding engineers of a promising startup, join me! We want you to help to build a great culture and be part of our growth.

Some of our benefits to highlight:

  • Pay in USD
  • Stock options
  • Remote work
  • Health insurance coverage
  • WFH Budget

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