March 8, 2023

Google Sheet Scripts for Merchandising

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Eytan Daniyalzade
CEO & Co Founder

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Here at Toolio, we are avid users of Google Sheets. Google Sheets comes out of the box with many different formulas, but there are times that existing formulas just don’t cut it. As a workaround, we’ve written a handful of Google Sheet Scripts to give us additional custom formulas. These formulas can be handy while building merchandise plans or for basic data manipulation. Below is a list of custom formulas, along with links to our public Google Sheet that demonstrate the extended capability.


Cartesian Product allows generating all the possible combinations from a range of values. A use case where this comes up while merchandise planning is as follows. Let's say that you want to generate an entry for each year, week and department for recording sales or building out a plan. Using the Cartesian function, this can be done automatically.

Input and output tables in a menu

You can see this on action in the Cartesian tab of our Sheet Scripts for Merchandising spreadsheet.


This function allows combining a group of header columns into 2 columns, where the first column is the header and the second column is the list of potential values. If you have been maintaining your merchandising attributes as different columns, but all of a sudden you want to stack all your attributes in a single column, this could be a very handy function to use.

You can see this in action on the Stack tab of our Sheet Scripts for Merchandising spreadsheet.

Adding Toolio’s Scripts to Your Sheet

If you want to use any of these custom formulas, just open Toolio - Google Sheet Scripts for Merchandising, go to Tools / Script Editor and copy the script you are interested in to the same section on your sheet. Once you do that, the custom formula will be available on your sheet. 

We will be updating this post with additional Google Sheet Scripts that we think are helpful  helpful for merchandise planning. If you often find yourself copying and pasting data in Google Sheets or trying to manipulate data in an inefficient way, schedule a demo with our team, and we'll show you how Toolio's Merchandising Platform can automate and streamline your merchandising processes!

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