May 1, 2023

Outerknown Joins Toolio for Data-driven Merchandising

Outerknown Joins Toolio for Data-driven Merchandising


Summer Stewart
VP of Sales

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Outerknown, an apparel brand founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater and rooted in radical sustainability and circularity, has joined #Toolio to help them become more dynamic and data-driven in planning and merchandising.

Outerknown was a pioneer in sustainable fashion, raising the standard for sustainable design across the industry. As the sustainable fashion market took off over the past year, Outerknown began growing at an exponential rate. They realized they needed to plan more effectively in order to capitalize on their growth. The lack of process and control that comes with planning in spreadsheets made this challenging, so they looked to technology to help them optimize their merchandising processes.

Through increased visibility, automation, and insights, Toolio will give Outerknown the ability to plan more effectively, react in real-time and focus more strategic decision making on their mission to achieve full circularity by 2030.

Stay up to date with Outerknown's success story and check back in a few months to learn more about all the value Outerknown gains from leveraging the Toolio merchandising platform.

If you're interested in learning about how Toolio can help you optimize your planning processes, request a demo with our team!