September 29, 2022

Welcome to the Future: New Toolio Customers Announced



Andrea Lechner-Becker
Head of Marketing

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The Toolio community of customers is growing. Here is just a handful of new customers who are trusting Toolio to help them see results like:

  • Improving margin by 1%
  • Reduce out-of-stocks
  • Save hours avoiding manual, annoying administrative tasks

Customer Profiles

Duer - Canadian-based retailer changing the way Denim is made and designed

Parade - A comfort obsessed underwear and apparel brand 

Emazing Group - An Amazon reseller for lifestyle brands

Tracksmith - A niche retailer focused on apparel for runners

Made by Mary - An online jewelry retailer focused on simple, meaningful design

32 Degrees - An online clothing brand delivering on all day comfort and affordability

Themes Driving the Need for Better Merchandise Planning

All the companies partnering with Toolio have something in common - growth. Although they’re all growing, they’re all doing it differently. Whether they’ve historically grown through wholesale, but now want to ramp up D2C or their sales are currently coming from e-commerce and they see brick and mortar as their path for rapid growth, the common theme was expanding sales channels and the complexity it brings. 

Here’s a sample of the business goals our customers are aiming for:

  • DTC growth from 15% of overall sales to 50%
  • Tripling store footprint in 2023
  • Reduce out-of-stock by 5%
  • Double revenue from 2022 to 2023

Blockers to Achieving Business Goals Without Toolio

With such hefty goals, the teams must assess the best way to achieve them. When analyzing their ability to meet or exceed targets, here are some of the blockers they cited that Toolio can help alleviate:

  • Length of time to make decisions. “My competitors are making decisions, ordering more product, canceling POs and adjusting pricing, before I can even see basic reporting on my first four weeks of sales.” Investing in Toolio means transitioning monthly reporting into weekly or daily decision-making.
  • Missing data. “Salesforce doesn’t maintain a change log of data. So we can report now, but there’s no historic record.” With Toolio, we capture and actualize data real-time, which means that as prices change, we capture original, markdown and sales data to slice and dice how you want. And you’ll be able to use it in the future for forecasting.
  • Complex scenarios to meet business rules. Quote at the end on this one! With each new sales channel, the complexity of product planning, management and selling increases. Our customers may need one process to manage core, while a completely different approach for seasonal. With Toolio’s modular structure, our customers are able to customize their usage of our product to fit those business needs, such as planning for never-out-of-stock styles in Item Planning, while managing new styles in Assortment Planning, all of which rollup to Merchandise Planning, giving one view for financial planning. One new customer was shocked when working through this use case, saying, “This actually makes our life really easy.”

Data and Integration Requirements

Like their businesses, the technology trends with our new customers are similar with important nuances. All value data and prioritized integrations in their decision-making. Many reported frustration at having to spend time manually pulling, manipulating and validating data from multiple sources before doing the actual analysis. Alas, none have a system that already manages the data in the way they need - that’s where Toolio comes in!

With our robust list of out-of-the-box integrations (like NetSuite and and up-and-coming integrations, we are able to support all of these customer needs. Just a sample of the retail tech stacks we’re integrating with for these customers include:

  • NetSuite
  • Sellix - Amazon fees
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
  • SAP

ERP or Toolio First?

While many of these customers chose to invest in ERP ahead of Toolio, one has crafted Airtable to act as their ERP and before embarking on the ERP journey (lengthy project demanding lots of resources), they decided to invest in Toolio in order to improve margins and give them the extra money to invest in ERP down the line. 

The mentality of investing in inventory processes and tooling sets our customers apart from their competition, many of which are retreating, cutting costs and not making investments in efficiencies.

The Future After the Future

Perhaps the thing we’re most proud of with this new class of customers is that we get to be on this journey with them. We have just rolled out our Allocation module, which will make allocation at stores a breeze for our customers with current brick and mortar locations. Some customers are eying our product roadmap for MRP updates to plan more of the product lifecycle with Toolio. 

We are dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses and continuing to create a product that does this in a uniquely purpose-built and elegant way. We couldn’t do that without our old and new customers. If you’d like to join the ranks of these awesome brands, contact us here: 

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