April 19, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: April 19, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: April 19, 2021


Kristen Henry
Head of Customer Success
Jay Tian
Product & Data

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Conditional Formatting in Merchandise Plan View

Conditional Formatting is a helpful way to quickly identify trends, outliers, and more in your data. Now you have the ability to add Conditional Formatting Rules in the Merchandise Plan Planning view, in addition to the Pivot View. Simply navigate to the View dropdown and select Conditional Formatting. In the pop up window, add a new rule based on relevant criteria. Press Update to see the rule in action. To view your data with Conditional Formatting every time you use that View, be sure to Save the View. 

To learn more about Conditional Formatting in Toolio click here.

Assortment Plan Product Mix 

Toolio's Assortment Plan module makes it easy to evaluate your Product Mix on the fly. This allows for easy visualization of the product distribution by attribute in your assortment plan as you make changes or build your plan. With our latest update you will see accurate calculations for Gross Sales Cost, Gross Sales Units, and Choices within your selected Assortment Plan.

Assortment Plan Date Visibility

On the Assortment Plan home page, you’re now able to add date columns to easily see the Start and End dates of a specific line plan. Click on the View button and Select Fields to add both Start and End options. Be sure to save these options to the View.

Additionally, when you are using Hindsight mode, you can now easily hover over the Compare button to see the specific date range that you’ve selected. Check out this brief video to see it in action.

Item Plan On Order Flowing

During your in-season planning process, you will sometimes realize that you cannot cancel or move the due date of items that are already on order. In these situations, you will want to accept what you have On Order as your Receipt Plan, to better evaluate your forward looking inventory position.

Toolio now allows you to "Flow On Order to Receipt" in the Item Planning module. You can easily select any future time period to move On Order Units directly into your Receipt Units. By doing so, you can more accurately assess your projected inventory at the item level and plan PO’s accordingly. 

To better understand flowing on order units to receipt units in Toolio, please read more here.

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