Toolio Product Updates: July 6, 2021

July 5, 2022

What's New

Set Preferences when Flowing On Order to Receipts

Now when you Flow On Order to Receipts you’ll have the option to view the Time Frame and select specific attributes for the selection to apply to. For more information on this workflow, click here.

Access Raw Data in Item Plan

Similar to the functionality in Merchandise Plan, you can now easily access Raw Data from the Item Plan module. To easily see raw data that has been grouped as "Uncategorized", right click on the data within that category and select "Show Raw Data". This will automatically take you to the models page with the relevant filters applied.

View Average Per Week Metric in Assortment Plan

In Assortment Plan Hindsight you now have the ability to add a metric for Average per Week, which represents how many units on average you are selling for weeks that you have inventory in stock. When adding this metric to your view you can select from the Variants Act and % of TTL.

Feature Requests & Toolio's Roadmap

Be sure to check out our Roadmap for other planned features and updates to Toolio. Is there a feature you think would be a great addition? Let us know here!

Kristen Henry
Head of Customer Success
Jay Tian
Product & Data