June 29, 2022

Toolio Product Updates: June 29, 2022

Toolio Product Updates


Jay Tian
Product & Data
Begum Burgutoglu
Sr. Product Manager

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Size Spread & Like for Like Forecast Profiles

This past month, we introduced two significant features to Toolio’s Forecasting module: Size Spreads and Like for Like Forecasting. Now these two features are available under Forecast Profiles for you when you want to apply default forecasting preferences for specific groups of items. In order to apply Like for Like and Size Spread, navigate to Forecast Profiles under Item Plan. If you want to update an existing profile, right click on the relevant profile, and click Edit. For like for like, select attributes or items in other categories that the new items may mimic in terms of performance. For size spreads, select a spread from the existing size spreads and this will reflow the forecast to the chosen spread.

Learn more about using the Size Spread Forecasting Function in Item Plan.

Last Imported Time on MP & IP

You can now see exactly when your actual data in Merchandise Plan & Item Plan was last updated, all without leaving the module. On the bottom left hand corner of the grid, users now have full visibility into when their actual data feeds were last imported. By clicking on the Last Imported Time, you can further expand the menu to see the last imported time broken out by each data model.

Learn more about Managing Data Imports in Toolio.

Scheduled Report Deliveries for CSV & Excel

We’ve listened to Toolio users who would like to have their Toolio reports delivered to them in CSV and Excel format which was previously available in PDF format only. With Scheduled Report Deliveries, you can specify the cadence that you’d like to deliver your report, the format of the report, and the recipients; and it’ll be delivered at the specified time to your inbox. We strongly recommend our users to default to Toolio reports within the product, however, of course, you may have workflows that require CSV and Excel formats and this new feature becomes handy just when you need it! Please note that conditional formatting will not be available for CSV and Excel formats.

Learn more about Scheduled Report Deliveries.

Scenario Locking Improvements

Have you had chance to use the locking a scenario feature that we introduced in the previous update? If not, please refer to this help article to find out more about this new feature. In this week’s update, we are giving you a full control on to see who is the owner of which scenario, ability to change the ownership and control the default lock/unlock state for a given scenario.

In order to change the ownership, navigate to Scenario page under Settings, right click on the relevant scenario and select Edit. From the modal, select the new owner of the scenario and choose if the default state will be locked or unlocked and then click Update. The relevant scenario will be locked/unlocked upon this change and only the owner and the admins can change the lock status.

Learn more about Locking Scenarios.

Metric Formatting Improvements

Have you ever wanted control of metric formatting in Toolio? Now you can configure how many decimal points are displayed for your metrics on the settings page and they’ll be shown in the configured format on Merchandise Plan and Item Plan. To configure the decimal point precision, simply navigate to Metrics page under Settings. Then from the “Format” column on the metrics table, select your preference for the decimal points. That’s all!

Learn more about Metric Formatting.

Transfer Orders in Master Data

If your account is configured for Allocation, you’ll find that Transfer Orders have been added to the Master Data Models. You can view and manage all imported Transfer Order data directly here. Please reach out to your Customer Success team to inquire about Allocation in Toolio.

Learn more about Allocation in Toolio.

Feature Requests & Toolio's Roadmap

Be sure to check out our Roadmap for other planned features and updates to Toolio. Is there a feature you think would be a great addition? Let us know here!

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