Toolio Product Updates: May 3, 2021

July 5, 2022

What's New

Item Plan Time Range Selector

This update introduces the Custom Time Range Selector. Rather than selecting specific calendar dates, you can now easily define a custom time range by choosing starting and ending plan weeks. These weeks are preconfigured to match your planning calendar, preventing you from having to manually search and enter retail week dates.

Updated Out Of the Box Views

Out of the Box Views come preconfigured with your Toolio account on all modules. They serve as useful templates to help structure your planning and reporting workflows. This update introduces new Out of the Box views for the Merchandise Plan, Assortment Plan, and Item Plan modules. Out of the box views are now prefaced by “Toolio” and locked by default. You can easily save a copy of these views and adjust them to fit your workflow.

Improved Merchandise Plan Pivot Functions

This release introduces significant updates to the Merchandise Plan Pivot functions to help streamline your hierarchical and choice planning workflows. This update also includes new Pivot views designed to support weekly in season reporting.

Jay Tian
Product & Data
Kristen Henry
Head of Customer Success