September 20, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: September 20, 2021

Toolio Product Updates: September 20, 2021


Angela Qiu
Onboarding & Implementation Specialist
Kristen Henry
Head of Customer Success

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Spreads Tab in Data & Imports

In the Data & Imports page, you now have visibility to all your Spreads. In the Spreads page you can see a list of your current spreads, edit them, delete old spreads, and add new spreads. 

To add a new Spread, click on the Add button on the top right corner. The screen will prompt you to input a name for the new Spread and to select an option. Click on the Add button again to input the Spread Value and Spread Weight. 

To edit or delete Spreads, right click on the desired spread and click “1 Row Selected”.

To edit an existing Spread, simply adjust the weights for each value, add new values, or delete existing values. 

Setting Min/Max for Receipt Generation

In Item Plan, you now have the option to add minimum units when you Generate Receipts. For certain products, you may want to set a hardcoded inventory floor. By using the Min/Max function in Item Plan, you can generate a receipt plan that ensures your inventory position remains above a minimum threshold. Click on the checkmark to “Enable Min / Max”, input the Minimum Units and select the Min / Max Group. 

SAP Integration 

Toolio now supports integrations with SAP! If you are using SAP in your organization, chances are that you already have all the data required for Toolio in SAP - reach out to the Customer Success Team to learn more about connecting your SAP instance.

Feature Requests & Toolio's Roadmap

Be sure to check out our Roadmap for other planned features and updates to Toolio. Is there a feature you think would be a great addition? Let us know here!

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