May 1, 2023

Top 5 Excel Memes for Merchandise Planners



Gigi Tracey
Business Development Manager

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Nothing triggers the “Sunday scaries” more than the thought of spending your Monday in Excel pulling reports. Pulling these reports and solidifying your status as the office reporting guru is serious business for your career but it is good to remember not to take yourself too seriously… especially on the dreaded Monday.

To add a little humor into getting your Monday started check out Gigi Tracey’s, our Business Development Manager, five favorite Excel-related memes to let you know that you’re not alone in your Monday Excel fears…we see you.

Spending crucial hours on Mondays pulling selling data from so many different systems into an overwhelming spreadsheet really ruins that weekend glow.

If you know how to run macros in Excel you’re most likely the office hero. Your templates get passed around like a rare gem. But if anything goes wrong (which it always does) the world cannot go on until you - and only you- figure out what formula is missing a single space. 

“Sure boss! It’s not like the world changes every second and everything is completely unpredictable. Not to mention we have no history to run off of and I’m sure to be completely off actuals. No worries! I didn’t need to sleep this weekend anyways!”

Hot take but the newbies coming out of college with one Excel class under their belt are just at the tip of the iceberg. Its not their fault, Excel sucks. Excel will always win.  No matter how many short cuts you know, how much formatting you add in, Excel will always know more than you. Not Toolio, Toolio works with you, not against you.

Mercury must be in retrograde or something for buyers and planners to have this level of synergy. To not have to shift around units is a rarity but boy does it feel good. You go home and try to tell your spouse or your friends with no avail - but it's okay, I can revel in this mini win all by myself but the weeks to come.