January 12, 2023

UNTUCKit Invests in Agility and Scale



Andrea Lechner-Becker
Head of Marketing

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UNTUCKit Overview

Created in 2011 by Founder Chris Riccobono and CEO Aaron Sanandres, UNTUCKit has given men a seamless way to look sharp and feel casual by creating shirts designed specifically to be worn untucked. The brand has since expanded to offer fit combinations for all shapes and sizes, as well as a wide selection of men's and women's products. UNTUCKit is dedicated to creating an unmatched shopping experience with more than 80 physical retail locations across the US, Canada, and the UK. For more information, visit UNTUCKit.com

UNTUCKit x Toolio Partnership

The Situation

Like most of Toolio’s customers, UNTUCKit is experiencing rapid growth. Well known for their mens shirts, designed to be worn untucked, since their founding, they’ve expanded their product offerings in addition to expanding into international markets and omni-channel sales. Recognizing these changes as just the tip of the iceberg, UNTUCKit’s VP of Planning and Allocation, Mary Newton, championed investing in their processes and systems now to secure efficiencies as they grow into the future.

"It was really important that our planning team finally catch up with the growth throughout the rest of the company," Netwon said. "Toolio is a tool that will allow us to scale without significant headcount, IT involvement, or heavy lifting from other cross-functional teams. The fact that Toolio is a more advanced version of Excel and can rely upon data we are already using or pulling makes it a seamless integration into our workflow."

Although Excel spreadsheets had done the job previously, Mary's team didn’t want to optimize for Excel. Instead, they were looking for a modern, flexible tool that could give them real-time data from integrations with their other back office technologies, the ability to collaborate (without overwriting or accidentally adding a column in the wrong spot) and one source of truth to reconcile top-down financial plans with bottom-up item and assortment plans.

Why Toolio?

The UNTUCKit team prioritized three elements. Note some are functionality requirements, while others facilitated organizational buy-in.

  1. Integrations with their trusted systems. Many technologies enable retailers to meet customers where they are with the products, prices and buying experiences they want. Yet, it’s hard to argue with the importance of two core systems: eCommerce (Shopify) and ERP (NetSuite).

    Given this, Toolio’s integrations with both systems were a critical point of importance. Planning often relies on historical data to forecast. A system that can ingest data from these two core systems (and others, like returns technologies) would save numerous hours of exporting, copying, pasting, validating, massaging and updating numbers in spreadsheets.
  2. Reconciliation between top-down and bottom-up planning. A critical partner to any planning team is finance. CFOs want to set topline objectives and strategies that the planning and merchandising team can meet. Yet, reconciliation can be a bear in an Excel-based world.
  3. With rapid growth and so much uncertainty in the post-pandemic retail environment, UNTUCKit needed a tool that supports agility. With ever-changing budgets and product performance disparity, the team needed a real-time way to quickly create, edit and analyze scenarios and forecasts at all levels of the product or channel hierarchy.

    The UNTUCKit planning team used these efficiencies to make their business case for why to invest in planning, and why to do it now.

Crawl, Walk, Run Approach

As previously stated, data integration was a major selling point, yet there was a hiccup: UNTUCKit's technical team needed for the integration work had other priorities. Not deterred, the team decided on a crawl, walk, run approach to implementing Toolio.


To start, the team would import CSV files with data instead of integrating directly with the rest of the techstack. This would allow the end users to get familiar with Toolio and still see the value of planning.

An Unexpected Benefit

Quickly after beginning onboarding, some concern arose over the quality and reliability of the data stored in NetSuite. Whether manual or automatic, if the team couldn't trust the data feeding into Toolio, how could they effectively plan? Therefore, the unexpected benefit of onboarding Toolio was full organizational alignment on investing in improving the data in NetSuite. Now, UNTUCKit's teams reaching beyond planning have confidence in NetSuite as the source of truth and cut down on multiple manual processes across the organization.


Although the change in approach extended the implementation timeline, the planning team benefited from digging into the data. With an understanding of data at their disposal, they can focus on learning how to manage it in Toolio and begin planning for the next season.


Finally, the run phase of the Toolio implementation will look to expand integration points, automatically generate POs in NetSuite from Toolio and much more!

In Conclusion: Forward-Thinking Improvements and Agility

The story of UNTUCKit's investment in Toolio boils down to a few forward-thinking leaders who know growth during this ever-changing and ultra-competitive environment means doing everything more efficiently, smarter and building for scale, while allowing for agility. It's not an easy feat, but we love being invited to walk and run alongside the best and brightest people and brands in the market.

Thank you for trusting us to be your partner, UNTUCKit!

And thanks for helping us look great. 😊 The image in this post is just a fraction of our team sporting our UNTUCKit shirts.

The Toolio team decked out in UNTUCKit

If you'd like to hear more about how Toolio can help your team get out of planning spreadsheets, contact us today.

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