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Doublewood Supplements

Data-Driven Decisions at Doublewood: Toolio's Game Changing Impact


Doublewood Supplements

Doublewood Supplements, a pioneer of research-driven nutritional supplements, has harnessed Toolio's advanced inventory management to redefine their operational efficiency. Known for their commitment to quality and efficacy in the health and wellness sector, Doublewood has leveraged Toolio to minimize manual inventory tasks,  sharpening their focus on product development and customer health outcomes. This strategic enhancement has bolstered Doublewood's ability to make data-driven decisions, refine inventory precision, and solidify their standing for continued success in the competitive wellness landscape.

Use Case
  • Forecasting & Replenishment
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

  • Merchandise Planning
  • Item Planning
  • Reporting

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Efficiency Gain


Reduced Days on Hand by

Finding the right solution

Before Toolio, Doublewood relied on Excel and NetSuite for inventory management, a time-consuming process that limited their ability to efficiently scale operations. As John Ring, Director of Operations at Doublewood Supplements, explains...

John Ring

"The Toolio forecasting module has allowed our team to have in-depth conversations around inventory that we simply could not have before. The ability to forecast with confidence has been a great help to the organization."

Measurable Results: A Closer Look at Metrics

Enhanced Efficiency: Achieved a remarkable 40% reduction in time and effort spent on inventory planning & management, allowing the team to focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Optimized Inventory Levels: "We are only a few months into using the product; however, our Days on Hand has dropped by 30 days while still maintaining high fill rates," says John Ring, highlighting the immediate benefits of the Toolio to Doublewood.

Improved Decision Making: Leveraged Toolio's forecasting module Ring notes "It has given us the data we need to drive conversations. Prior to the tool we were not able to have meaningful conversations as we did not have the data. With Toolio we are now able to make informed decisions."

Streamlined Processes: Automated and optimized inventory management and demand forecasting, empowering the team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Changing the Game & Improving Process

When asked about the impact of Toolio on the business John Ring, Director of Operations at Doublewood Supplements shared "Overall, Toolio has been a game changer for us, we will soon be launching an S&OP process where Toolio will be the main tool of use," highlighting the strategic importance of the platform in their growth plans. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates Doublewood's commitment to leveraging technology to drive operational excellence and maintain a competitive edge in the health and wellness market.

Driving Sustainable Growth: The Toolio Effect

Toolio's implementation at Doublewood Supplements has not only transformed their operational capabilities but also positioned them for sustainable growth and continued success. As John Ring emphasizes, "The ability to forecast with confidence has been a great help to the organization." With Toolio as their trusted partner, Doublewood is poised to continue driving efficiency, optimizing inventory, and achieving their ambitious growth objectives.